Jimmy Gaudreau & Moondi Klein – If I Had A Boat
Jimmy Gaudreau & Moondi Klein – Home From the Mills
Jimmy Gaudreau & Moondi Klein – 210 Train

Other Recordings
Jimmy Gaudreau – Pieces and Bits
Adcock, Gaudreau, Waller, & Gray – The Country Gentlemen Reunion Band
Bill Emerson – Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie
John Starling & Carolina Star – Slidin’ Home
The Skylighters – The Skylighters
Jimmy Gaudreau – In Good Company
Robin & Linda Williams – The First Christmas Gift
Randy Waller – Randy Waller
Bill Clifton – Pick of the Crop
Robin & Linda Williams – Deeper Waters
Auldridge, Bennett, & Gaudreau –
Blue Lonesome Wind
Tony Rice Unit – Unit Of Measure
Auldridge, Bennett, & Gaudreau – This Old Town
Richard Bennett – A Long Lonesome Time
Tony Rice – Sings Gordon Lightfoot
Chesapeake – Pier Pressure
Chesapeake – Full Sail
Chesapeake – Rising Tide
Tony Rice – Plays and Sings Bluegrass
Bill Clifton & Jimmy Gaudreau – River of Memories
Bill Clifton – Where The Rainbow Finds Its End
Tony Rice – Native American
Jimmy Gaudreau – Classic JAG
Tony Rice – Me And My Guitar
The Country Gentlemen – Good As Gold
Spectrum – Live In Japan
Spectrum – Too Hot For Words
Spectrum – Opening Roll
J. D. Crowe & The New South – Live In Japan
J. D. Crowe & The New South – My Home Ain’t In The Hall Of Fame
Jimmy Gaudreau – The Gaudreau Mandolin Album
J. D. Crowe & The New South – You Can Share My Blanket
Country Store – Country Store
The New Tradition – Live
The IInd Generation – Introducing The IInd Generation
The Country Gentlemen – Sound Off
The Country Gentlemen – One Wide River To Cross
The Country Gentlemen – New Look, New Sound
Fred Pike, Bill Rawlings & The Twin River Boys